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There is a bliss
beyond the noise of my thoughts,
that I reach for.

I was looking for
the wrong thing.
Desperately wanting to touch.
I was expecting something,
that was not a thing.
It was a realization.
A knowledge,
mentally seeking it;
but it was just within me,
and flowing through me.

Then I realized,
it was information.
Some sort of knowledge
made of connections.
You know,
when they say
"God's made of love".

When you and me connect,
before we connect,
there's me and there's you.
But when we connect,
me and you,
and the connection
make up something
that is more than the sum of me and you.

And the funny thing is,
it was all the same information,
spelled out in vibrations
and frequencies.
Everything is made up of
some sort of information,
some knowing,
that its building blocks
were these connections
fueled by the intention
and the drive to connect.

At some point,
you do ache for a connection
as you tap into
a sea of understanding,
and you just want to share so bad.

and I realized
something interesting,
and also kind of,
I don't know...
Sad... Maybe?

Not sad,
but tragic,
Once you step into
the path of knowing,
you are wounded by that knowledge.
You can never forget.
You won't believe it.

That will seep into you
like a cloth soaks water;
and you have no way
but to know more,
while there's no end in sight.

When I actually managed
to get out of bed,
I kept thinking
"This is me going about in my mind".
But I hadn't realized,
that I was walking the path
that the substance, the spirit,
had paved for me to walk in.

I was being guided!
There was something out there,
that I expected it to be something (to walk in).

But it was just the path...
It was the trip, itself.


from Perfekt Information, released April 23, 2016



all rights reserved


The Strawberry Republic Tehran, Iran

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