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Did you know that you have more bacteria
than you have human cells?


You are basically a colony of bacteria
that lives of a sentience that drives
the machinery,
to provide nutritions for the fucking bacteria.

Boom, I just blew my own fucking mind!

Slapping left buttock
with the right hand.
driving that gravy train
up the inked valley.
Fucking shit is happening.

Slapping left buttock
with the right hand.
Driving that gravy train
with the creatures in my closet.

Let’s go back
and set the house in order.

And the ground
opens mouth wide,
swallowing all mankind in a bite.
Earth’s crust flips.
All land and civilization
is dipped in lava,
the surface of the earth
iss now what the mantle used to be.

Time is meaningless,
the image is self-growing.
You cannot force it to shape.
You cannot force it to change.

All the oceans vaporize,
and the planet is refurnished
with a cold desert.
Life is no more.
Reconstruction is a dream.

Dream is timeless;
knows no boundaries.
Right there, when time
becomes meaningless,
waiting in a void.

First time you fall in love,
and be branded,
and tree branches’ veins divde.
There’s no going back.
patterns emerge,
and re-emerge
out of chaos.

Louder and louder by each iteration.

Getting more complex each time,
while this process of purification,
and complexification amplifies
a deep, underlying,
magical base line of truth.

You have seen the process
many times.
You got the gist;
what goes through the filter
and what doesn't.

You're the baboon,
I am the kangaroo,
living in Strawberry Republic.


from Perfekt Information, released April 23, 2016



all rights reserved


The Strawberry Republic Tehran, Iran

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